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Tasmanian Wildlife and Wilderness 
Film and Photography  
By Chris Coupland

Photography by with 

Chris Coupland B.Sc. (Hon)

Chris Coupland B.Sc (Hon) is a professional Zoologist, Wildlife Photographer and Film Maker based in Sheffield near Tasmania's world famous World Heritage Areas and Cradle Mountain.

Chris strives for the conservation of all Tasmanian species but is particularly passionate and involved in the conservation and research of Tasmanian Devils currently affected by the debilitating Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).

Through his films and photography, Chris aims to create an awareness of Tasmania's unique and vulnerable wildlife species.

Share Chris’ passion, knowledge and unique access to Tasmania's amazing fauna.

Tasmania - Wildlife and Wildland!

Tasmania is a remote and wild island state of Australia and is approximately 68,000 square kilometres (roughly the size of North Carolina).  But currently only has 500,000 residents 260,000 of which live in its largest city Hobart!  Therefore the rest of the state maintains a low density of people and is very wild and remote!

It has an amazing diversity of habitat and fauna including iconic species such as the Tasmanian devil, Eastern Quoll as well as 12 endemic bird species and hundreds of endemic plant species. Tasmania has 16 different bio-regions, 336 off shore islands and up to 3.5 metres of rainfall, Tasmanian's west coast is covered by the largest expanse of the temperate rain-forest left on the planet.  

Plant and animal species such as the Deciduous Beech date back over 200 million years and link Australia with other continents into the large super continent Gondwanaland.  

25% of the Island is protected and it has 11 world heritage areas, it is a unique, remote and wild place!

Come and explore this unique and wonderful place through Chris' knowledge, films and photography!